Germany 5-1 Scotland LIVE: Euro 2024 score, reaction & analysis (2024)

Scott Mullen

BBC Sport Scotland at the Allianz Arena

Scotland wilted in the face of a scorching Germany performance as Steve Clarke's 10-man side opened Euro 2024 with a dismal defeat in Munich.

The tone was set in an electric Allianz Arena after just 10 minutes as Florian Wirtz waltzed on to the ball to steer in the opener.

Jamal Musiala’s ferocious strike almost punctured Angus Gunn’s net, as well as the hearts of the mass of stunned Scots behind the goal, just nine minutes later.

And before the break Kai Havertz slammed in the third from the spot with Ryan Porteous’ red card leaving Scotland with the tallest of mountains to climb.

There was still time for substitute Niclas Fullkrug to hammer high into the net for Germany's fourth, with Antonio Rudiger's late deflected own goal pulling one back.

It was a strike celebrated wildly by the suffering Scotland crowd, only for Emre Can to mute those in dark blue as the game edged into injury time.

That ensured this would be the biggest win an an opening game of a Euros.

Hosts galvanised by fine showing

This was a German procession which - despite Scotland's deficiencies - will galvanise the host nation into believing again.

When Nagelsmann took over of the national team in September, the three-time winners of this tournament drew with Mexico and lost to Turkey and Austria in an inauspicious start. The public were far from convinced.

However, victories over France and the Netherlands helped carry them into this on a wave of hope.

Wirtz's early effort was the culmination of patience and territory dominance. Strikes from Musiala and Fullkrug emphatic evidence of a team brimming with confidence.

The former was unplayable at times, and Toni Kroos was back pulling the strings in midfield.

The stats behind this obliteration were frightening. A 94% passing accuracy, 43 attacks, 19 attempts, 655 passes completed to Scotland's 193. They also covered 9km more than their beleagured opponents.

There will be plenty looking nervously at the hosts this summer.

Scotland left with more finals regrets

No regrets and time to become legends were the battle cries from confident Scotland captain Andy Robertson on Thursday.

But little over 24 hours later, it was nothing but a familiar lament which carried the Scotland fans into the dark Bavarian night.

Every nation has its own hard-luck story but, despite being fuelled with a sense they failed to do themselves justice in the last European Championships, Clarke’s side never truly competed with Julian Nagelsmann’s vibrant hosts.

The warning signs were there from the first minute. The surging off-the-shoulder runs, the intense press, the exposed high line being plundered repeatedly.

Porteous' dreadful red for a two-footed challenge on Ilkay Gundogan only confirmed what everyone inside the ground knew was coming.

Scotland scored with their only effort on goal as Scott McKenna's effort struck Rudiger to wrong foot Manuel Neuer.

Such bluntness will be of huge concern given goal difference may be key if Clarke can conjure more from his team in their two remaining games against Switzerland and Hungary.

What they said

Germany head coach Julian Nagelsmann: "We were brilliant in the first 20 minutes. We conceded but it’s a good sign that our players complained about conceding.

"I was kind of surprised that Scotland weren't that aggressive in first 20 minutes. I think they were surprised by our ball possession, it was very concentrated.

"They then defended deeper and didn't high press as they have in the qualifying games at times."

Scotland head coach Steve Clarke: "Germany were outstanding, we couldn’t match them. Defensively, we weren’t very good and on the ball we weren’t very good.

"The first half ran way from us very quickly, we didn’t give ourselves a foothold.

"Now it’s all about reaction so let’s see how they react. Four points is the target. We didn’t get any tonight so it’s still the target from the next two games."

Player of the match

Number: 10 J. Musiala

Average rating Germany 5-1 Scotland LIVE: Euro 2024 score, reaction & analysis (1)8.48

  • Germany (active)
  • Scotland

Number: 10 J. Musiala

Average Rating: 8.48

Number: 7 K. Havertz

Average Rating: 7.69

Number: 21 İ. Gündoğan

Average Rating: 7.68

Number: 17 F. Wirtz

Average Rating: 7.66

Number: 8 T. Kroos

Average Rating: 7.58

Number: 9 N. Füllkrug

Average Rating: 7.55

Number: 6 J. Kimmich

Average Rating: 6.90

Number: 25 E. Can

Average Rating: 6.85

Number: 18 M. Mittelstädt

Average Rating: 6.74

Number: 5 P. Groß

Average Rating: 6.50

Number: 2 A. Rüdiger

Average Rating: 6.48

Number: 4 J. Tah

Average Rating: 6.48

Number: 23 R. Andrich

Average Rating: 6.43

Number: 13 T. Müller

Average Rating: 6.38

Number: 19 L. Sané

Average Rating: 6.07

Number: 1 M. Neuer

Average Rating: 6.07

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Germany 5-1 Scotland LIVE: Euro 2024 score, reaction & analysis (2024)


What was the score with Scotland and Germany? ›

Germany beat Scotland 5-1 in opening match of Euro 2024

Substitute Niclas Fullkrug fired home a fourth late in the second half.

Who was the man of the match Germany v Scotland? ›


The Bayern Munich youngster also nearly won his side a penalty in the first half and was influential in his nation's third and fourth strikes with his dancing feet, completing five dribbles and also registering a 100% pass accuracy.

How can I watch Germany vs. Scotland? ›

Where to watch Germany vs Scotland. TV channel: In the UK, tonight's game will be broadcast live and free-to-air on ITV1. Coverage starts at 6:30pm BST ahead of an 8pm kick-off.

What time is Scotland playing Germany? ›

UEFA Euro 2024 hosts Germany go head to head with Scotland in the opening match of the tournament and all eyes will be on Munich ahead of kick off at 8pm BST.

Have Scotland ever beaten Germany? ›

Scotland contested more friendly matches against continental opposition and enjoyed wins against Germany, the Netherlands and France before being beaten 5–0 by the Austrian Wunderteam and 3–0 by Italy.

Why was Porteous sent off? ›

Scotland was reduced to 10 men when Ryan Porteous was given a red card at the brink of half-time, against Germany, in their EURO 2024 opener, at the Allianz Arena in Munich on Friday. In the 45th minute, Ilkay Gundogan was fouled by Porteous as the German midfielder screamed in pain, appealing for a penalty.

Who is likely to win the Euro in 2024? ›

France. France was knocked out in the Round of 16 of Euro 2020 after losing to Switzerland in a penalty shootout, but the 2022 World Cup runner-up, led by Kylain Mbappé, is among the betting favorites to win this year's tournament.

Has Scotland ever won euros? ›

GENERAL: HAVE SCOTLAND EVER WON THE EURO? Scotland have yet to win a EURO final tournament. Their first three finals campaigns all ended in the group stage.

Have Germany ever won the Euro? ›

Germany: 3

Germany' Euro dominance stretched over a long period, having won the title in three different decades (1972, 1980, 1996). They've also been runners-up three times, and recorded the most matches won of any nation to have participated in the tournament (28).

Where can I watch Euro 2024 in the USA? ›

In the USA, the match between Germany and Hungary will be aired on Fox Sports. Fans can also watch the game live via the Fubo TV App and its website. The match is set to start at 4 pm GMT in the USA, with adjusted times for other time zones.

Who was man of the match 1966 World Cup final? ›

The youngest member of England's 1966 World Cup winning team was nominated as the final's man of the match by several of his teammates. Alan Ball's continuous box-to-box running for 120 minutes, socks round his ankles during extra time, is one of the fondest memories of the day for many England fans.

Who was the German player to play for Man United? ›

The one and only German to play for Manchester United in the Premier League was holding midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, who was signed for the Red Devils by Louis van Gaal, on a three-year contract, on July 13, 2015.

Who got England man of the match? ›

Jude Bellingham is your man of the match from England v Serbia Euro 2024 game - BBC Sport.

Who was man of the match France vs Brazil 1998? ›

Zidane was named the man of the match, while Ronaldo was awarded the Golden Ball as FIFA's outstanding player of the tournament.

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