Hospital Billing & Financial Assistance (2024)

Lourdes Billing & Financial Assistance

Pay Your Bill Online

Pay your Lourdes Health billONLINE–It’s easy! Be sure to have your patient account number handy.

To pay a bill forLourdes Medical Center(Patient Account Number begins with the letter “L”) –


To pay a bill forLourdes Counseling Center(Patient Account Number begins with the letter “Z”) –


To pay a bill forLourdes Clinic(For visitsafter2/1/19) -


To pay a bill forLourdes Clinic(For visitsbefore1/31/19) -


You May Receive More Than One Bill

Even if your appointments areon the same day, you maygetmore than one billwhen:

  • Youreceive medical care atmore than one of our Lourdes locations
  • You receive medical careatmorethan one of our Lourdes offices

Understanding Your Billing Statement

Available Payment Methods

Lourdes accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit card and Debit card–Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover
  • Personal Check – Mailed or presented in person at Main Admission
  • Money Order – Mailed or presented in person at Main Admission
  • Cash – Presented in person at Main Admission

Financial Assistance

Trouble Paying Your Bill?

In keeping with our mission and values, Lourdes is committed to providing emergency care for all people. Lourdes also has a financial assistance program for medically necessary care for those who do not have the ability to pay, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.

Financial Assistance Application
Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Policy – Summary

Solicitud de Asistencia Financiera
Política de Asistencia Financiera
Resumen de las Políticas de Asistencia Financiera

Different Ways to Pay Your Bill

Lourdes Financial Counselors will discuss ways to help you payyour Lourdes bill.

  • Discounts for uninsured patients or cash payments
  • Alternative payment arrangements
  • Financial assistance(explained below)

What is Covered by Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is available to cover medically necessary services provided by Lourdes. These services may include hospital care, outpatient services, and emergency room services.

Who is Eligible for Financial Assistance?

Financial assistance is intended for patients who:

  • Cannot afford or do not qualify for health insurance
  • Have very limited financial resources
  • Have incurred sizable medical bills that are beyond their ability to pay

How is Eligibility for Financial Assistance Determined?

Eligibility will be determined based on your household income. You will be asked to provide this information on aFinancial Assistance Application.

Financial Assistance Application
Solicitud de Asistencia Financiera

Examples of documentation that will be required are pay stubs, tax return forms, bank statements, and medical bills owed.

Participation in Government and Community Programs

No single organization can meet the needs of all patients who are unable to paytheir medical bills. For this reason, we ask patients without insurance coverage totake advantage of all programs that can assist them. This helps Lourdes keep available resources forpatients who cannot getother financial help.

Need Us to Help?

If you need help paying your Lourdes medical bill, please contact a financial counselor at the Lourdes Medical Center admissions desk.

  • We’ll help you find options for paying your bill
  • Review your eligibility for financial assistance
  • Verify your financial need
  • Review other financial help available to you, i.e. local, state and federal health care programs

Contact Us

Lourdes R1 Financial Counselors
Lourdes Medical Center/Main Admission
520 N. 4th Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301

Mon. – Fri.
7:00 am – 3:30 pm
Ph 509.546.2206 or 509.416.8830

We offer financial counseling to help address any financial concerns you or your family members have regarding your Lourdes bill. Our financial aid policies can be found in the registration department, and available upon request. We are dedication to working with you, our patient, in a compassionate and caring manner. We are committed to helping you identify options for resolving your financial obligations.

Cost Transparency

Understanding Billing & Charges at Lourdes Medical Center

Lourdes Health is committed to helping you understand and prepare for potential out-of-pocket costs related to medical services you or a loved one may receive at our hospital, and we have resources available to assist you. Please contact Lourdes Main Admissions at 509.543.2486 to discuss your specific care needs and the potential associated charges. If you are insured, you also should contact your insurer to understand their coverage of services.

In addition, as required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), our hospital has provided acomplete list of charges for all services and items provided by our facility.

The amount listed is not necessarily reflective of your actual financial responsibility. The amount collected by our hospital can be less than the amount on this list for a number of reasons, including discounts negotiated with third party payers like Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies as well as patient-specific discounts based upon financial need and other considerations. We recommend that all patients contact their insurer or a Lourdes Financial Counselor to discuss their individual situations and determine the potential out-of-pocket costs of their care.

This discussion with your insurer or the hospital is an important step because many factors affect an individual’s financial responsibility for the cost of hospital care, including:

  • If an individual has insurance, and under which insurer and plan he or she is covered;
  • Individual qualifications for additional financial assistance from the facility;
  • Factors specific to each patient’s care and needs, such as:length of stay in the hospital,specific items needed for care,Additional testing required or recommended by your provider and/orunexpected complications

Please contact the hospital at any time with questions, or view ourFrequently Asked Questionsbelow.

  • Where can I find out how much a service is going to cost?

    The best way to determine your costs is to discuss your coverage options and needs with your insurer or our hospital. This is the only way to explore your personal situation and most accurately determine the potential out-of-pocket costs of care you or a loved one may need.

  • Are the amounts listed what I will have to pay for a service?

    More than likely, no.

    The amounts we have listed on our website are base, undiscounted prices. They do not necessarily reflect a patient’s actual financial responsibility, which can vary significantly based on the care and services an individual requires, if he or she is insured, and by which insurer or plan he or she is covered.

    The amount collected by our hospital is almost always less than the amount provided on our website. Government programs, such as Medicare, pay hospitals much less than the amount listed. Similarly, commercial insurers typically negotiate discounts with hospitals like ours on behalf of the patients they cover.

  • Why can’t you provide actual charges or out-of-pocket costs for patients?

    Charges and out-of-pocket costs vary a lot from person to person and are difficult for us to estimate.

    A person’s financial responsibility – or out-of-pocket costs – is dependent on many factors, including if he or she is insured, by which insurer and under which plan he or she is covered, and if he or she qualifies for financial assistance. Because this varies so much from individual to individual, we cannot make blanket statements about actual charges or out-of-pocket costs.

    Also, any charges that a patient incurs are dependent on a variety of factors such as how long he or she has to stay in the hospital, unexpected complications that arise, specific supplies and items needed for his or her care, and additional testing required or recommended to assess his or her condition. One patient’s needs may be vastly different from another’s even though they come to the hospital for the same procedure. It is difficult to estimate how this can differ.

    We do encourage all patients to contact their insurer or a Lourdes Financial Counselor509.546.2361to discuss their individual situations and determine the potential out-of-pocket costs of care they or a loved one may need.

  • How does a provider set its prices?

    Healthcare providers’ prices are based on the cost of the service (i.e. equipment and supplies, personnel, etc.), prices charged by competitors and prices of similar services offered.

    Hospital prices are set to take into account the expected mix of patients seen and reflect expected payments from varied payers, such as insurance companies and the government. In addition, they are typically set to achieve an overall small positive margin, so a hospital can keep up with community needs, reinvest in the hospital’s services and facility, provide care for those who can’t pay, and collaborate with and support organizations that share its mission.

  • Why do different providers have different prices? Shouldn’t one service cost about the same from one facility to the next?

    Prices vary because all hospitals are different. Size, staffing, technology and equipment, services offered, the intensity of care provided, patients served, and many other factors all impact how much money a hospital needs to operate – and how much it charges for services.

  • What are you doing to help patients reduce or better manage their out-of-pocket costs?

    As you can imagine, we are subject to many legal and regulatory restrictions when it comes to patient costs, but we are offering what programs, payment options and discounts that we can.

    A Lourdes Financial Counselor509.546.2361can help individuals determine the potential costs of care they or a loved one may need and explore what programs, payment options and discounts may be available to them.

Contact Us

For questions, concerns or payment, contact or visit us. We are happy to assist you.

Payments can me made with R1 Customer Service, located in Main Admitting.
Ph509.546.2359 or 844.459.1496

Mon. – Fri.
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Hospital Billing & Financial Assistance (2024)


How to write a letter for financial assistance for medical bills? ›

Provide as much detail as possible, including your income, expenses, and any other debts you may have. You should also include any documentation that supports your claim of financial hardship, such as bank statements or pay stubs. It is also important to be respectful and professional in your letter.

What is a hardship letter for hospital bills? ›

A medical hardship letter is used by a person to request partial or full forgiveness of their medical debt from a hospital or healthcare provider. The person seeking leniency should be able to demonstrate serious financial hardship that convinces the hospital that they are unable to pay their debts.

What happens if you don't pay medical bills in America? ›

You can take steps to make sure that the medical bill is correctly calculated and that you get any available financial or necessary legal help. If you do nothing and don't pay, you could be facing late fees and interest, debt collection, lawsuits, garnishments, and lower credit scores.

What do you say when asking for financial assistance? ›

In addition to explaining the financial impact of your situation, remember to explain how this rough patch is affecting your emotional well-being. Describe how financial support will make a life-changing difference. To build trust, lay out your plan to get back on track in as much detail as possible.

How do you write a short note for financial assistance? ›

I am writing to request partial or full financial support for my education. If you need additional information please let me know. I will gladly provide you with the information you need. It is my hope that you will give my request for financial support your most serious consideration.

What is proof of hardship? ›

Acceptable Documentation

Lost Employment. • Unemployment Compensation Statement. (Note: this satisfies the proof of income requirement as well.) • Termination/Furlough letter from Employer. • Pay stub from previous employer with.

What is considered a medical hardship? ›

Certain expenses are deemed to be immediate and heavy, including: (1) certain medical expenses; (2) costs relating to the purchase of a principal residence; (3) tuition and related educational fees and expenses; (4) payments necessary to prevent eviction from, or foreclosure on, a principal residence; (5) burial or ...

What is an example of a good hardship letter? ›

Dear Harry Jones: I am writing this letter to request assistance with my personal loan during a time of financial hardship. Approximately two weeks ago, I was let go from my job due to company-wide layoffs. As a result, I have been unable to continue making regular payments on my loan.

Can medical debt be forgiven? ›

Generally, medical debt forgiveness is based on your income, household size and other factors. You can contact your medical provider for more specific qualification requirements. Typically, hospitals and other health care providers will work with you to reduce your debt.

Can unpaid medical bills affect your credit? ›

How unpaid medical bills can harm your credit. Medical bills are most likely to affect your credit if they go unpaid for many months and get turned over to collections. If you don't pay a bill, eventually your medical provider may turn the debt over to a collections agency.

What happens if you can't afford healthcare in America? ›

By federal law, nonprofit hospitals must offer financial assistance to those who cannot pay their bills. Some states also have other laws about uncompensated care, such as Washington, where all hospitals must tell patients about financial assistance programs when they receive care.

What is a letter of medical necessity for financial assistance? ›

The letter often includes relevant patient history and information about the medical necessity and duration of the treatment being recommended. You may need an LOMN for the reimbursem*nt of a procedure, product, or device when you use your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA).

How do you write why you need financial assistance? ›

Briefly Describe your Financial Need for this Scholarship

I am in need of financial assistance in order to attend college because I am a low-income student. I am the 1st child to attend the college. Although my parents gave me many supports, I received a limited financial assistance due to low family income.

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