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Ludwig and Jasmine quickly returned to Darkland, seeing everyone that was outside looking around for their son. They arrived at the castle and walked inside. Bowser and Clawdia were sitting in the throne room, waiting for them to return.

"Any luck?" Bowser asked.

Ludwig sighed. "No..."

"We're gonna alert the other kingdoms just in case." Jasmine added.

"That's a great idea! You should get to it!" Clawdia replied.

"Yeah. Let's go, Jasmine." Ludwig said. Jasmine nodded and followed her husband.

Abbey returned to their house with diapers and baby bottles like she said. As Adam played with Luke, she went to the kitchen with the bottles, grabbed one, and filled it with milk. Abbey flew into the living room and handed the bottle to Adam so feed him. As Luke drank his milk, he slowly fell asleep. Adam sat the bottle on the coffee table and took Luke to their room. He gently lied him down in their bed and left the room.

Adam returned to the living room and sat down next to Abby.

"I swear, that little guy looks familiar. I wonder who his parents are." He said.

"Me too. We should figure that out. His parents must be worried sick." Abbey replied.

"You stay here with him. I'll go ask around." Adam said as he got up. Abbey nodded and watched as Adam walked out of the house.

"Well, no one around here is missing a baby." Adam sighed as he returned a couple hours later. He sat at the table with Abbey and Luke, grinning at the plate of baked salmon and grilled asparagus.

"Oh man. His parents must be out there somewhere." Abbey replied.

"Maybe we can try again later." Adam smiled softly and took a bite of his salmon.

"Yeah. I'm sure we'll find them." Abbey replied.

After dinner, Abbey and Adam sat with Luke in the living room and turned on a movie for him to watch. Luke sat quietly on the floor, watching the movie and taking another drink of his bottle that Abbey refilled. As much as he enjoyed hanging out with these two Koopas and liked looking around their home, the young prince wanted to explore some more. He looked towards the front door and smiled. Adam must've forgot to close it all the way. Luke put his bottle inside of his shell and crawled over to the front door, making his way outside.

After a few minutes, the movie was interrupted by a news story.

"Huh? What's going on?" Adam wondered.

Ludwig and Jasmine then showed up on the screen.

"Hello everyone. We are King Ludwig and Queen Jasmine of the Koopa. We have a very important announcement for all of the worlds out there." Ludwig began. "Our son, Prince Lucas, is missing."

Jasmine held up a photo of Luke. "This is what he looks like."

Adam and Abbey gasped, realizing who's kid they were taking care of. As Jasmine explained what happened, Abbey and Adam looked at each other.

"Oh my gosh! The baby is King Ludwig's son?!" Abbey exclaimed.

"No wonder he looked so familiar!" Adam replied.

"I-I can't believe it! Wait. Doesn't your cousin work at the castle?" Abbey asked.

"Yeah, he does! He usually helps out the royal family during invasions! I'll let him know to tell the king and queen right now!" Adam said as he began texting his cousin.

"This is amazing! You're gonna be back with your parents, Prince Lucas!" Abbey smiled. She gasped when she looked at the floor and saw that Luke was gone.

"A-Adam? Where's the prince?" Abbey asked. Adam looked around, but didn't see him.

"Don't worry! He's gotta be in here somewhere." Adam and Abbey ran around their home, but didn't see Luke anywhere. The two gasped when they looked at the front door and noticed that it was open.

"OH NO! THE PRINCE IS GONE!" The couple screamed in unison as they stared at the open door in horror.

Adam ran outside and looked around the area, but didn't see the prince anywhere. His phone vibrated and he saw that his cousin replied back.

"That's great! I'll tell King Ludwig and Queen Jasmine right away! I'm sure they'll get to your place fast!"

"Oh man. This isn't good! The king is gonna kill us!" Adam trembled slightly.

"L-Let's not panic, hun! We can just explain what happened! I'm sure they'll understand.

"I hope you're right. Man...Where could the prince have gone?" Adam sighed.

Ludwig's Son Redux - Chapter 7 - TianaKoopa (2024)
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