Running of the Yakmel (2024)

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Running of the Yakmel is a seasonal Autumn festival.


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Running of the Yakmel is an annual festival that takes place on the 28th of Autumn from 11:00 to 18:00.

The Festival Store is available at the cash register just inside Yakmel Square.

Note: Sandrockers attending the festival cannot be interacted with during the event.


11:00 - 12:00Opening CeremoniesIn front of Wandering Y Ranch
12:00 - 13:30RegistrationIn front of Wandering Y Ranch
13:30 - 18:00Running of the Yakmel CompetitionYakmel Square

Opening Ceremony[]

The player can attend the Opening Ceremony between 11:00 and 12:00 by entering the area in front of the Wandering Y Ranch.

Welcome, one and all, to the world famous Sandrock's own, Running of the Yakmel! Shout-out to City Hall for inviting me here today! Now, I'll bet some of you are wondering...
Why the heck do we all get together every year to try to bump Yakmel into each other, anyhow?
Ahem! It is with great esteem that I shall now honor an age old tradition and regale y'all with the tale that started it all: "The Shonash Clash!"
...Many years ago, the great grandparents of our very own ranch couple, Cooper and Mabel, were traveling yak-back through the Eufaula, delivering various supplies up and down to the earliest settlers, long before the railways were ever built.
Back then, the only road was through a narrow part of the North Shonash Canyon, and one day, these two yakboys were passing through from both ends at the same time!
They ran into each other half way through, their carts in tow, each blocking the other's path; one called out, "You back out so I can get through!" And the other replied, "No, you back out so I can get through!"
"I'm more than halfway through the pass, you back out!"
"No you ain't, that's one-third and a quarter at best, you back out!"
This back and forth went on for hours, and pretty soon, other travelers showed up and were understandably peeved at the situation...
Funny thing about it all is this narrowest part of the pass was no more than thirty meters long; they coulda all been outta there in a couple of minutes! But no, both of those fellas was too stubborn to back down.
Soon enough, push came to shove; literally!
Other folks on yak-back started bumpin' into our two antagonists, front and back 'til it was just bumper-yak bedlam!
In the craziness of it all, carts were knocked over, packs were cut open, food and other supplies were getting tossed all out on the ground!
Before too long, everyone came to their senses; one person started to laugh... then another... and pretty soon they were tumblin' off their mounts, howlin' over the absurdity of it all!
Here, I'm afraid, is where it gets dark.
When they all looked around, they noticed that the two fellas who started this whole debacle were both dead as doornails, both of 'em with their hands wrung around the other's neck...
In call the chaos, it seemed like those two boys really never had let their bad blood quit boilin'...
The rest of the them folks, they all picked up their supplies; it had gotten late.
They camped out there at the pass, and cooked up all the food that'd fallen off the mule-yaks and carts and such, conversin' all about what all had happened.
Word spread and, well, here we are, all these years later still commemoratin' the event!
So, all of y'all; I invite you to partake in the festivities! Hop on a Yakmel, bump into your best friends and, uh, try not to take it too personal if you get bumped yourself...
With all that being said, I hereby declare the Sandrock Annual Running of the Yakmel Festival... begun!

Family history[]

The player can listen in on a conversation between Hugo, Cooper, Mabel and Elsie after the opening ceremony.

I mean, I dunno, man. Of course we got to respect our ancestors, but I don't think you should be proud of your grandpappy and your wife's grandpappy mutually endin' one another over a traffic accident...
Hogwash! My grandpappy is at stark example of what true gumption looks like! In the face of adversity, he never gave up; a true rancher 'til the end!
Ma, Is Pa right? Was Pa's great granpappy justified in the killing of yours at the expense of his own life?
Like heck he was! Cooper, I'm sick of soundin' like a broken record everytime this here festival rolls around; disavow the sins of your ancestors, right now! Else, I ain't cookin' supper!
Er, well, sweetie pie, darlin', dumplin, I s'pose... from a certain perspective one might make that argument-
Don't you try to middle ground me, disavow!
But... but...
No buts!
Alright, alright!
Killin' and dyin' aover a traffic altercation... was... objectively... imbecilic.
That's better!
Wow, I think my worldview just got a lil' better!
Y'all are... somethin' else.


Running of the Yakmel (37)

The player can register for the competition at the podium in front of the Wandering Y Ranch between 12:00 and 13:30. A barn post number will be assigned to the player once they are registered.

It is also possible to attend the event without participating in the competition.

Running of the Yakmel[]

How to Play[]

Running of the Yakmel (38)

The purpose of the game is collect as many points as you can during two rounds of play. Points are earned by picking up ingredients. More points are awarded during Collection Time if you collect all the ingredients required to make the specified dish.

Running of the Yakmel (39)

While in the pen, participants can bump into each other using the "Dash" command if they picked up Dash items. If successful, some ingredients from the bumped participant will be available for others to collect.


The player receives gols, various ingredients and festival badges as a reward based on their rank during the event.

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3 or Lower [verify]
Festival Badge(100)
Festival Badge(70)
Sweet Potato(5)
Cactus Leaf(5)
Festival Badge(45)

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Running of the Yakmel (2024)
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