Yonkers: Analysis for Monday 6/10 (2024)

2024 MEET STATS: 149 - 507 / $815.80 (-$198.20)

BEST BETS: 21 - 43 / $74.50 (-$11.50)



Race 1: NW31531 in last 5 starts Pace

(1) COVERED BRIDGE took a little time off after that debacle in the Borgata final where he was bottomed out and tired badly. The fact that he made the final clearly proves the veteran was sharp and effective leading up to that race and he could be nicely freshened after that prep at Monticello. (7) ROCKNROLL RUNA A was another Borgata finalist and he qualified back with vigor after being scratched sick in a recent overnight. Stalbaum trainee may be overlooked here from the outside post. (2) SUMOMENTSOMWHERE A has tailed off somewhat but he should be tracking close up from this post.

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Race 2: 3-6YO Open Pace

(1) Here's (1) DUNKIN' now with an inside draw in this non-handicapped Open event and figures to aggressively take control of the front end, like he did two back. (3) ITS A ME MARIO battled with the top one last week and they were both outfinished by #2 in here. Bartlett sticks with him over a stakes-placed Engblom trainee. (5) ALL CLASS was big in defeat in the Juravinski up at Flamboro and faced tough ones last week in the Graduate. 4YO is at a bit of a post disadvantage.

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Race 3: 3-6YO $50,000-$75,000 Claiming Pace

(6) POUND FOR POUND started his big turnaround six starts back and now cracked the 1:50 barrier in his first start off the DiDomenico claim. He deserves the call to repeat. (2) HOPNROLL HEAVEN lands the best post he's seen in some time and he can pick up the pieces to run second. (1) JUST ENUFF STUFF also gets major post relief and he's got plenty of early speed.

Race 4: NW5241 in last 5 starts Pace

(4) MISTER DONALD A is 0 for 18 on the year but he faces other camera-shy rivals in here and he raced well from post seven last week in his local return. (2) BARON MICHAEL has as many wins this year as the rest of the field combined and he raced well at the $30K level the last time Kakaley drove. (1) HEART ON MY SLEEVE has a couple of recent thirds at comparable levels.

Race 5: $30,000 Claiming Pace

(2) OZONE BLUE CHIP has raced well in his last two for the Bucci barn, which was rolling the other night. Catch-driving Lachance has been handling the veteran well. (4) MAJOR DESIRE is very logical going for two straight and has two wins and two seconds in his last four at this $30K level. (1) PAT STANLEY N drops back to the level he's been most effective at.

Race 6: NW21551 in last 5 starts Pace

(5) ULTIMAROCA was outbattled for the money last week ending his modest winning streak and Stratton sticks with him over his brother's Borgata finalist (#8); Gillis trainee may be able to clear the front from this midpack post. (3) CAPTIVATE HANOVER was a good second upon dropping to this level and should be live again here. (1) CADILLAC BAYAMA faces tougher for Lachance after a strong brush-and-crush effort.

Race 7: Invitational Pace

(3) BIG GULP has raced well enough to win his last two at this top level but he came up a bit short to Energetic Hanover, who is stuck in post seven tonight. Mark Macdonald gets the call tonight and he should offer a price. (4) BACKSTREET SHADOW returns to Yonkers with a new barn listed, and Kakaley opted off to stay with the Alexander trainee #6. Holland drives and this millionaire is obviously capable. (7) ENERGETIC HANOVER has been super since arriving but I'm not sure how much true gate speed he has and if he's relegated to the back early it may be impossible for him to reach.

Race 8: NW10000 in last 5 starts Pace

(5) BRUTALLYHANDSOME A was favored here two back at this level but finished fourth in a race the classy Semi Tough won. This is a pretty soft field for this class and is worth a look. (3) AIR FORCE HANOVER is logical with the drop in class but isn't worth the short price. (1) MY CARBON COPY N was closing late for third last week; can threaten again if laying closer to the pace.

Race 9: NW7500 in last 5 starts Pace

(5) GAMBLINGTERROR was a close second last week despite missing almost a month with an injured scratch in between; Stafford trainee drops a notch and should be forwardly placed. (4) OPTICAL ILLUSION N is a barn change to Burke upon arrival and that's a clear angle. (1) FULSOME wired softer last out in 1:53 2/5, which is probably close to what this race will go in.

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Race 10: 3-5YO $30,000 Claiming Pace

(7) HUMAN co*ckTAIL wired similar last week out of the four hole and there doesn't seem to be a ton of speed to his inside tonight so maybe he can repeat at a fair price. (5) LAZ had two wins and a narrow defeat in three starts for Laterza and now he's with DiDomenico off a claim; no reason to think he won't be live again. (1) TWO FACED gets the rail and picks up Bartlett, otherwise not too much to get excited about.

Race 11: NW15000 in last 5 starts Pace

(7) LEONIDAS A is way overdue for a win and I'd like to see Siegelman handle him aggressively. Despite the class of #1 he's more than capable, and could be a price. (1) THIS IS THE PLAN needs no introduction. $3.1 million in the bank. (3) VICI jogged in a NW lifetime event, now faces what is normally considered a tougher class. We'll see how good he is.

Yonkers: Analysis for Monday 6/10 (2024)
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